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Nexcopy Adds Standalone SD Duplicators With SD Card Sanitization Features

SD Duplicator
Press Release:
Nexcopy Adds New Standalone SD Duplicators With SD Card Sanitization Features
Lake Forest, CA – November 5, 2013Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer and developer of flash memory duplicators, introduces two new standalone SD Duplicator models to Nexcopy’s line of flash memory duplicators and sanitizers. The 1-15 and 1-31 target systems offer unparalleled copy speeds to Secure Digital media with additional functions for device sanitization.
Sanitization features available by the new Nexcopy SD Duplicators include full binary overwrite feature in both single pass and triple pass random write sequencing. The proprietary triple pass overwrite method developed by Nexcopy insures all data of a secure digital card cannot be recovered or restored through forensic process. Continue Reading

The History of Portable Storage (Infographic)

The first removable storage wasn’t a hard drive, disc, or even paper tape – it was a punch card. Yet the punch card jump-started the field of portable storage, which would eventually enable the mass-production of computer technology, and the sharing of information on a world wide scale. Come step back in time, starting in the early 1920s and visit the history of where portable storage began and where it has gone. History of Portabel Storage, Infographic
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Nexcopy releases DoD Erase and USB 3.0 support on standalone USB duplicator line

Lake Forest, CA — Nov 16, 2011 — Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer in USB Duplicator solutions, announces DoD erase functions for USB, SD and microSD media along with full support for USB 3.0 flash drives.
  • Department Of Defense (DoD) Erase function
  • DoD erase is three cycle write process of 0’s – 1’s – 0’s.
  • Erase function supports USB, SD and microSD media
  • Standalone USB duplicators fully support USB 3.0 flash drives
Updated firmware for the Nexcopy standalone USB duplicator systems supports a variety of erase functions. The Full Erase function writes a cycle of zero’s to all sectors of a flash memory device and clears out any partition tables. In addition, the Nexcopy firmware supports Department of Defense (DoD) Erase functions which meets government security standards. The DoD Erase function employs a three cycle write pattern where a first pass of Zero’s are written to the entire device, a second pass of One’s are written to the entire device and finally a third pass of Zero’s are written to all areas of the flash device. Through this redundancy write cycle process there is no chance to recover residual files on a flash memory device.
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New Kinetic Typography Video From Nexcopy

Kinetic typography is the technical name for “moving text.” It is an animation technique mixing motion and text to express ideas using video animation. Nexcopy has tried our hand with kinetic typography to market and promotion the USB200PRO system, the USB duplicator system which supports advanced functions like write protect USB media, partition USB media and create CD-ROM USB media. Take a look: <a href="https://www.linkedtube.com/JIW2TjkQB4Ac48f239506dc91e90c7c60e580da94b8.htm">LinkedTube</a> For dealers interested in getting this video where it points to a specific landing page on your website, please contact Nexcopy marketing [here] for more information. Here is the plain text of the kinetic typography video above:
Looking for more from your flash drive, then just storage? Say, write protect your data so it cannot be deleted off? Or make the USB drive appear as a CD-ROM device? How about partition a drive so it appears as two drive letters? Nexcopy understands your needs – and we can help. Lets talk about the USB200PRO duplicator. The PRO series duplicator from Nexcopy. We have the technology to write protect your content. We have the technology to create a USB CD-ROM device. We have the technology to partition a drive into multiple drive letters. The USB200PRO can do it all. The USB200PRO is designed for in-house use. Perform these advanced functions at your facility – at your convenience. Publish your content on your schedule. Configure your drive the way you want it. Nexcopy understands your needs – we have the solution. Look to learn more about the USB200PRO. The more you know, the better it gets.
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9 to 5 Computer Awarded Authorized Nexcopy Reseller Status

9 to 5 Computer,  a global Value-Added Distribution of new, used and refurbished computer peripherals by a family-owned and operated company since 1979, is awarded Authorized Reseller status by Nexcopy Incorporated. 9 to 5 Computer is now authorized to sell the complete line of Nexcopy flash memory duplicators. “9 to 5 Computer has a long standing customer base with government agencies and the equipment manufactured by Nexcopy is a good fit for many government projects,” states Chris Raab, Technical Sales Manager.  Mr Raab continues, “the wide range of products offered by Nexcopy, both PC based and Standalone, make Nexcopy a great fit for our customer needs.  We are very excited about the new partnership.” End users may purchase Nexcopy USB Duplicators and other flash memory models through 9 to 5 Computers toll free number 800 334 3282. About 9 to 5 Computer: www.9to5computer.com sales@9to5computer.com 1548 The Greens Way Ste 2 Toll Free: 800.334.3282 Local: 904.280.2524 Continue Reading

Nexcopy Moves To New, Larger Facility

Nexcopy Incorporated, a leading manufacturer in USB Duplicator equipment, is pleased to announce a new corporate headquarter location. Nexcopy’s continued success as an industry leader in flash memory aggregators and copiers has allowed the business to grow into a larger facility. Nexcopy’s new location provides expanded warehouse space, increased production and equipment manufacturing work area, and expanded, two story sales office. Nexcopy is proud to be an industry leader in flash memory aggregators, and looking forward to continued success in this exciting and ever-changing niche.
Nexcopy Incorporated 13 Orchard Road, Ste. 102 Lake Forest, CA 92630 USA Continue Reading

The Upgrade Place Awarded Authorized Nexcopy Reseller Status

The Upgrade Place, a leading supplier for Computer Memory Upgrades, Flash Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, External Hard Drives, Laptop Batteries and other computer accessories, was awarded Authorized Reseller status by Nexcopy Incorporated.
The Upgrade Place is now authorized to sell the complete line of Nexcopy flash memory aggregators. The news comes in conjunction with the recent release of the all new chassis design for Nexcopy PC based USB Duplicators, SD Duplicators and microSD Duplicators. “The new design makes the Nexcopy flash memory copiers ideal for front office equipment,” states Mary DeJong, Director of Sales for The Upgrade Place. Ms DeJong continues, “the continued growth in flash memory as a medium for data distribution makes the Nexcopy brand a great fit for our growing business model. We are very excited about the partnership.”
End users may purchase Nexcopy equipment through Upgrade’s toll free call center or through their fully secure on-line eCommerce website.
About The Upgrade Place:

2544 S. 156th Circle
Omaha, NE 68130-2510
Toll Free: 800.338.1531
Local: 402.691.8248

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Nexcopy Introduces SuperSpeed 3.0 USB Duplicator Systems

Press Release:

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA — Jan 19, 2011 — Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer in USB Duplicator solutions, announces the release of a 16 target SuperSpeed 3.0 USB duplicator for data loading to USB 3.0 devices. The new 3.0 USB Duplicators from Nexcopy provide ultra fast data copying via the SuperSpeed USB specification. The new USB 3.0 Duplicator systems will reach maximum data transfer rates for the given device connected. The Nexcopy SSUSB160PC is a PC based system giving the user flexible configuration options as a network resource or dedicated binary bit for bit USB copier.
  • All new 16 target SuperSpeed 3.0 USB Duplicator by Nexcopy
  • SuperSpeed USB specifications increases performance by an average of 150% from USB 2.0 technology
  • Feature rich Nexcopy Drive Manager Software supports all formats, FAT, FAT32, NTFS, ext2, ext3, HFS, Unix and IMG files
  • Short image or Full image binary copy from physical master device
  • Bit for bit verification function to ensure 100% accuracy
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