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USB Authentication System

USB Authentication System by Nexcopy
USB Authentication SystemThe USB authentication system by Nexcopy is an advanced solution to authenticate a physical USB device before allowing the content on the device to be used. This solution allows publishers to control their intellectual property by a physical device check on which the content resides. In short, the USB authentication system checks for certain hard-coded characteristics of a flash drive along with other physical components to authenticate whether the USB flash drive is an original or a counterfeit.

USB Authentication Features:

  • Six Authentication checks of Physical Device
  • Generate Pass / Fail code after authentication
  • Write Protect data to the drive
  • Partition USB into mulitple drive letters
  • Create CD-ROM partition for auto-play

The USB authentication system is a two factor authentication process where-by a hardware component and software component are required. Our solution includes the ability to USB write protect or USB data lock your content to the flash drive. Our solution includes the ability to partition the USB device into multiple drive letters or assign one partition as a USB CD-ROM partition. The two factor USB authentication system is designed for executable [exe] files which run from a flash drive. Our solution does not replace your content, but rather performs a software and hardware check before “authenticating” the device and allowing access to your content. To learn more about Nexcopy’s two factor USB authentication system please contact us for White Paper documentation and details.
Note: Minimal programming is required on client side to incorporate our code with your project.

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